And a Problem Solver.


My name is Kevork Atamian

I am a Designer, Illustrator, Typographer,

Creative Thinker, Visual Communicator,

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What I Do.

Web Design

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines, these range from designing and developing a website to creating advertisements aimed at a target audience.

Logo Design

Logos are all around us, they are an instant reminder of a company, product and even a life style. A logo is not just an icon for a company, it is the voice of that company. The challenge is to incorporate the clients’ ideologies and efforts into one single iconic graphic image.

Identity Branding

More than just a logo, Brand Identity is everything to client. A well designed brand creates and emotional response from the audience, it creates a set expectations, ideas, and memories that directly effect what product a person chooses

Packaging Design

People are drawn to a product that looks good, it will be their first impression. Something that is well designed and interesting will attract more customers than a product that is poorly designed. When the impression made by the design works, customers are more inclined to remember it later on and come back to it when they need.

Poster/Flyer Design

Want to get the attention of the world? Posters and Flyers are in many ways the first form of advertisement that many people will see. It is important that posters and flyers promote the product effectively, they key to making it work is to make it eye catching.

Layout Design

Layouts are the bread and butter of graphic design. When well designed, layouts are simple to read yet are interesting enough to keep the audience entertained. This includes magazines, books and any form of printed material designed to inform the user.

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